About Adri

(Ā-dree. Like “Adriann,” but without the "ann.")

“Adri is a photojournalist. A traveler, an adventurer, and explorer. She is a wanderer. A nomad. An artistic free spirit. She is an open-minded freethinker, and a nonconformist. She is endlessly curious and restless.

Adri also knows a thing or two about pain, due to the unfortunate hand of cards she was dealt. Over the years, with thanks to photography, Adri has learned to see the world around her through a different filter. She has seen how photos can reshape the external world of others, and have a profound impact on their internal world.

A tragic image can become a powerful means to create positive change. Adri has learned to capture the tragic truths of the world around her, and frame them into beautiful photos that touch hearts and create change. In the same way, she has learned to capture the beauty that’s constantly surrounding us, as a reminder of how wonderful our world can be, if you pay close enough attention.

Adri’s brain is always hungry for more. Stagnation is its worst enemy. Adri is restless, daring, and driven – even when her body tries to tell her otherwise. When she sets her mind on something, there is no stopping her. She can be (maybe a bit too) reckless, but that is only because of her determination. She knows what she wants, and she won’t allow anyone, or anything, to come in her way – not even herself.

Adri is stuck in a constant dance, trying to accommodate what her restless brain wants and the peace and care her body needs. But it does not stop her from dancing. And it is a beautiful dance. It is a dance that inspires people. Photographs are a priceless byproduct of this dance; her token of gratitude to the world. A world that, despite the amount of pain and suffering it encompasses, is still filled with endless beauty.

Adri’s passion for birds comes as no surprise. She is constantly seduced by the idea of being able to freely move from one place to another – going where the wind takes her, carrying around as little as possible – as light as a feather.

If you don’t count her camera gear, that is.” 

- Davide D.

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