Both myself and the Curator of Animal Programs at Turtle Bay would like to emphasize the following:

Wild animals are not pets. Turtle Bay Exploration Park is a nonprofit organization that works tirelessly to educate the public about nature and wildlife. The animals you see below are not pets. They are wild animals that are unable to be released back into their natural environment due to injury or other ailments, and they are cared for by highly skilled and educated professionals.

The Bobcat, Whisper, is a favorite in the park. She lives in a large, beautiful outdoor habitat; she was only indoors in the photos below during her recovery from abdominal surgery. I was given the privilege of photographing her during her recovery.

If you've found a wild animal that is sick or injured, please immediately contact your nearest wildlife rehab center.

Please do not keep wild animals as pets!

Turtle Bay Exploration Park and their Sundial Bridge are at the heart of Redding in Northern California.
If you are ever in the vicinity, spend a few hours exploring this wonderful park!

Turtle Bay Exploration Park

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